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Johnny Daggers is a man of many hats. Literally. An Internationally published Model, Musician, Filmmaker and Author. And although 'Daggers' continues to switch between his many different facets, he has recently decided to direct his full attention to his literary work as an author, where he is currently signed to Burning Bulb Publishing.


In Spetember of 2016,' Daggers' released his debut illustrated 'Gothic-Horror' novel, "Neverlasting" which is available in paperback, e-book and audio-book, through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Upon its release, "Neverlasting" instantly received critical acclaim. TE Magazine hailed 'Daggers' as "..the Edgar Allan Poe Of His Generation". The Darkness Dwells Podcasts cites the book as "An outstanding accomplishment!". The Banshee Irish Horror blog describes as, "...dark and hauntingly beautiful", while author/blogger Josh Hancock of advises that "any reader interested in well-crafted stories, lyrical phrasing, and cinematic imagery will enjoy this unique hybrid of epic poetry and graphic novel”.


While 'Daggers' may have decided to direct the majority of his attention to his literary work, he insists that he will always keep his avenues open, to travel freely as he desires. With that said, 'Daggers' has recently finished production on what he often jests as his 'very last film' which is entitled 'Noctmabulist'.


'Noctambulist' is a 1920s, black and white, 'German Expressionist' silent thriller which is currently in post-production, and will be released world-wide through SGL Entertainment.




“From the modern day Edgar Allan Poe, comes a piece of writing so capturing, enthralling and all consuming, its hard to stop reading. The darkened undertones which scream 'make me into a movie' and the quickened pace the quality story runs in all make for an amazing read, to us our 'must read' of 2016." - TE Magazine