Johnny Daggers is a man with many hats. A professional filmmaker, published author, musician and world published model, just to name a few.


Daggers, launched his film career in 2010 when he wrote, directed and starred in his first short film; "Samhain: Night Feast". Fueled by a gritty grind-house aesthetic, the debut film went on to win the Bastards Of Horror short film fest held later that same year. The award catapulted Daggers into the annals of underground horror cinema. remarked the following. “The rich history of horror originating from Pittsburgh includes George Romero, Bill “Chilly Billy” Cardille, and Tom Savini. Director Johnny Daggers of DaggerVision Films can add his name to this list. Fiercely independent and outspoken, Daggers is making a name for himself in the world of low budget filmmaking”.

As a musician, Daggers learned to play the piano and keyboards in 1997. Within a month he had composed a five song EP and opened up for the legendary queen of 'deathrock', Mz. Eva O (Christian Death / Shadow Project). Daggers now puts his musicial skills to work by composing the soundtrack to his forth coming black and white silent thriller, "Noctambulist.


Earlier this year; Daggers, signed a book publishing deal with Burning Bulb Publishing and has just released his first illustrated horror novel; "Neverlasting", which TE magzine has hailed Daggers as "The Modern Day Edgar Allan Poe Of His Generation". One just never knows where Daggers will lend his talents next.